Getting Your Story Straight

As a content creation specialist, my job is to understand your brand and message and communicate that to your target audience. In a sense, I’m a financial storyteller in that I shape narratives via articles, social media, infographics, white papers, marketing collateral and ghost written commentaries.

Whatever your story is – your company’s value proposition, a complex concept or the latest subject matter news and information, I’ll immerse myself in it so I can articulate its value and substance to your clients, potential clients, the media and other stakeholders.

If you’re not sure what your message and brand is or whether they are connecting with your audience, my expertise as a marketing strategist can help you untangle that and ensure that your brand is appropriately defined and clearly communicated. My 14 years of experience as a financial services industry journalist, corporate communications and branding specialist and content creator give my clients the leg up on communicating consistently and creatively.

My skills include:

  • Creating strategic messaging around corporate branding and executing that across content platforms
  • Managing marketing, e-mail marketing and social media campaigns
  • Designing infographic concepts, working collaboratively with graphic designers
  • Communicating the complex language of investing, economics, accounting, healthcare, technology and education via by-lined and ghost written articles, white papers and commentaries