I'm an accomplished book author, having written, co-authored or contributed to three books on personal finance and investing. If you're interested in discussing a book project or a ghostwriting book project, contact me for a quote.

Personal Investing Book Cover Personal Investing: The Missing Manual [2010],
co-authored with Bonnie Biafore & Carol Fabbri

If you’re confused and intimidated by the investing process, this book is for you. This beginner’s do-it-yourself manual features an easy step-by-step process to get you up to speed on investing in every area of your life from retirement to college savings to investment management. Published by O’Reilly Associates, the book was released in May, 2010. I wrote four chapters, including those on college savings, investing for health care, real estate investment trusts and mutual funds. My very experienced co-authors wrote the other nine chapters.

Online Investing Hacks Book Cover Online Investing Hacks [2004] by Bonnie Biafore:
Contributed 32 chapters

This guide to online investing featured 100 hands-on tips and tools designed to help investors get the most out of online investing. I contributed 32 chapters, including five on college savings and a number on other topics, including real estate investment trusts, mutual fund investing and portfolio management. It was published by O’Reilly & Associates in 2004.

Better Investing Mutual Fund Handbook Book Cover The Better Investing Mutual Fund Handbook [2003]
by Amy E. Buttell

A how-to manual for mutual fund investing, this book was published by Better Investing, a non-profit dedicated to fostering investment education for individuals and investment clubs. The book walks you through the basics of mutual funds, helps you figure out which funds to buy and to manage a mutual fund portfolio.